About the Club

Lodsworth Cricket Club is believed to have been formed in 1876 though we have no documentary evidence of that. But when Andrew Muir and Patrick Atkins revived the Club in the mid 90s they found, stuffed down the back of a locker in the old pavilion (now demolished,) a club cap bearing the insignia LPCC (Lodsworth Parish Cricket Club) 1876. They subsequently adopted the badge, which featured a tree (thought to be the tree outside the Hollist Arms) as the club’s emblem. It might equally well have been the tree that stands just inside the boundary in the western corner of the recreation ground. Later John King, who was the Parish Clerk, took over the reins and has been largely responsible for the momentum of the club since the turn of the century.

Admittedly the evidence for a cricket club in the village 129 years ago is thin but we have adopted the same logo for Club. We would be interested to hear any other anecdotes on the history of cricket in Lodsworth. Old maps may reveal where the original cricket pitch was located.

Today the club is based at the Recreation Ground, Heath End Lane in Lodsworth, West Sussex.