Lodsworth CC Tour 2019

This page covers general information about the 2019 cricket tour to Barcelona with matches on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th October against Barcelona International Cricket Club.

Currently – BCN International are confirmed for the Saturday and provisional for the Sunday.- this is due to a ground booking issue which should be resolved – we are waiting for their fixture secretary to get back to me for the Sunday match.

Accommodation is provisionally booked for 11 people with the option for a few more… Its adequate, relatively cheap, very central and close to tourist area, not luxurious but gives us a lot of flexibility with regards to eating and drinking arrangements.

Travelling around Barcelona is really easy with great public transport (underground, bus, train, bikes for hire). Getting from the airport into the centre is a doddle. Eating and drinking – lots of options. Sites and things to do – whatever floats your boat – history, art, culture, or more salubrious activities if desired…

People will need to book their own flights – currently very cheap so it would be good if we can sort out who’s going (impacts accommodation) and when.

Questions – please feed back in the comments below….

1. If we can’t play the Sunday what do we want to do? Still go and play 1 match? Alternatives – Visit Nou Camp for a tour? Last time we toured we were all pretty bushed on the Sunday (something to do with over exuberant celebrations the night before perhaps?).

2. What days do people want to arrive and leave? This has an impact on accommodation arrangements and costs so we need feedback.


Annual Dinner and Awards Night

Lodsworth Cricket Club held their annual Dinner and Awards Night at the Hollist Arms on the 8th January 2011. Chairman John King welcomed 37 players and their partners and guests to a friendly evening with a splendid dinner provided by staff of the Hollist Arms hosted by the club President George Bristow.

Skipper Andy Long announced the awards for the 2010 season.

  • Player of the Year – Graham Braithwaite
  • Batsman of the Year – Graham Braithwaite (Average 102.8 – Highest score 101 not out v Fittleworth)
  • Runner up Batsman of the Year – Alfie Bunker (Average 54 – Highest score 96 not out v Fittleworth)
  • Bowler of the Year – Andy Long (29 wickets – Average 16.83)
  • Runner up Bowler of the Year – Matt Hall & Dave Clark (15/14 wickets – Average 21.20)
  • Fielder of the Year – Andy Long (8 Catches and 2 run outs)
  • The John King Trophy for Best Individual innings in 2010 – Jack Dimond (101 not out v Milland)
  • The Hollist Arms Trophy for Best Individual bowling performance of 2010 – Paul Phillips (4 for 38 v Storrington)
  • Young Player of the Year – Harry Dimond (Highest score 108 not out v Tillington)
  • Most Improved Player of 2010 – Lee Ayres
  • Duck Trophy – Paul Phillips & Ollie King (3 ducks each)

The Hickey/Houghton Trophy awarded to the person or persons who have made a substantial contribution to the club – Len and Shirley Hall

The honoured guests of the Cricket Club Annual Dinner were Alan Thompson and Joe Clifford. Bob Powell the club Treasurer welcomed them.

Alan Thompson

Alan Thompson is the MD of Contract Candles Ltd. His firm generously sponsored the cricket team’s shirts in 2010 and his son 14-year old Jonno occasionally plays for the village team.

Joe Clifford

Joe Clifford was born in Lodsworth in 1944 and lived in the village until the late 1960’s. Joe played his first game for the village team at the age of 7 years old against West Dean & Singleton in 1951 and he took a catch at square leg. Although most of his early cricket was played at Lodsworth he also played for Tillington and Petworth Park.

In the 1960s Joe moved to Hampshire but he continued to play regularly for the village cricket team. His most famous achievement was in a game against Heyshott on the 6th June 1976. The Heyshott team played with 12 men but it was of little help to them for Joe took all 11 wickets in an amazing spell of spin bowling. Joe played one game for Lodsworth in 2010 and thus recorded the remarkable achievement of playing for Lodsworth for six decades.

Joe’s father George Clifford lived in the village from 1938 until his death in 1983 and he played for Lodsworth CC until he was 72 while Joe’s son Johnny Clifford and his nephew Matt Hall play for the current Lodsworth team and carry on the family tradition.

Johnny Clifford played his first game for the village against Stedham at the age of 11 and Matt Hall, the Lodsworth captain from 2007 to 2008, played his first game for the club at the age of 9 against Heyshott in 1987. He batted number 11 and scored 4 runs. Furthermore Matt’s mother, Shirley Hall (nee Clifford) was the scorer for the village team from her teenage years until the mid-1990s.

Lodsworth’s Barmy Army

In late January Tim and Gillian Johnson returned from Australia where they followed the victorious England team in the Ashes series. Over the course of the next twelve months Tim will no doubt recount to all who ask, the finer details of the English batting and bowling performance.

The Annual General Meeting

The AGM of the Lodsworth Cricket Club will be held at the Hollist Arms on Friday February18th at 7.30. All players and committee members are requested to attend.

Bob Powell


Of Pitches and Pubs

In the Lodsworth Cricket Club notes in the December edition of Outlook, I reflected on the individual and team performance in the 2010 season. Now as the year draws to a close we begin to contemplate the 2011 fixture list. The nature of village cricket is that our list of opponents does not change much from year to year though occasionally we drop an opponent – for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the opposing team is unable to raise a Sunday XI as happened with Easebourne two years ago, sometimes the opposition, although a thoroughly likable group of fellows habitually turn up with only 7 players as was the case with the Brighton-based Zambuca Tigers. Occasionally we have dropped nearby villages because they do not play in the ‘spirit’ of village cricket. There is another village that we have considered dropping because their umpire is incredibly biased to the extent of being deaf and blind to slip catches. The opposite happens of course – many years ago we had an on-pitch altercation with West (or was it East) Harting and they refused to play us the following year.

But things have a habit of working out for the best and we have a built up a really excellent fixture list of about 23 matches between the end of April and the end of September, consisting of genuine village teams such as Ebernoe, Kirdford, Milland, Tillington, Tangmere and Fittleworth plus some good league teams such as Goodwood, Loxwood, Bosham, Storrington and West Chiltington. The icing on the cake is to play the Arundel Castle XI, The Parham Park XI and The Cricket Society. The quality of the fixture list is entirely due to our tireless Chairman and Fixture Secretary John King.

So what is the attraction of the teams we play other than the game itself. One has to be the setting in which we play? Ebernoe is an unusual ground with a road running across the pitch. Car drivers have to halt on the perimeter until the end of an over and a six is scored only if the ball clears the surrounding hedge. Parham Park is magnificent with the Elizabethan mansion, built in 1577, in the background and with deer alongside the lake. Bosham too play in the grounds of a country house and one recent game against Arundel Grasshoppers in the grounds of Arundel Castle was memorable.  Our own delightful recreation ground has an unusual feature in that it has a mature tree inside the boundary.  The village green at Lurgashall is also a superb venue, evocative of all that is best in village cricket with the Noah’s Ark Pub pub on the boundary

Indeed a nearby pub is essential for opponents of the LCC. We head for the Stag Inn at Balls Cross after the Ebernoe game, The Crown Inn serves a good pint after the Parham Park game, while the Horse Guards Inn at Tillington is the place to celebrate a victory (or drown our sorrows) after a hard-fought game against our nearest neighbours. The White Swan at Bosham and the The Foresters Arms at Kirdford are also good hostelries as is The Bader Arms at Tangmere with its memories of a wartime hero. Our own Hollist Arms is a place of real character where we hold our annual dinner and committee meetings although we mourn the loss of another good village pub and bastion of village cricket – The Lickfold Inn formerly run by LCC batsman James Hickey and his family. Its current owner has squandered the pub’s wonderful atmosphere.

What other aspects attract us to village cricket? Well there is the quality of teas provided. Each village appears to compete with its neighbours to provide a memorable tea. An Ebernoe tea is worth playing for, as is an Arundel Tea and the teas at Tillington are exemplary. None of course rival the scrumptious teas supplied by the good ladies of Lodsworth.

So as the New Year dawns the thoughts of the members of Lodsworth Cricket Club turn to a new cricket season with long summer days, warm sunshine and good fellowship on and off the field. If you care to join us – whether for the games, the teas the pitches or the pubs make a resolution to contact John King.

Bob Powell

2010 Season Review

Another cricket season draws to a close and we can claim that this has been one of the best of recent years. We played 18 games, won 8, drew 3, and one game against Tangmere resulted in a tie with both teams recording exactly the same total. Only six losses were recorded

The highlights have been Jack Dimond’s 101 not out against Milland, Oliver King’s intelligent 70 against Bosham to secure a draw, Harry Dimond’s108 not out against Tillington and his 91 against Arundel, Andy Long’s aggresive 56 to beat Bury, Paul Phillips 4 for 38 against Storrington, Graham Braithwaite’s 101 not out against Fittleworth and his 85 not out against Parham Park, Alfie Bunkers 96 not out against Fittleworth and Richard Gough’s 64 against Grayswood. There has been steady support from James Hickey, Matt Hall, Andy Wilson-Smith, Paul Phillips, Dave Clarke, Lee Ayres, Jon Clifford and Nick Bellion.

It is probably true to say that Lodsworth, once better known for their bowling prowess have now become more of a batting team. It was once the case that a score of 150 runs was regarded as par for two and half hours in the field but on five occasions this year Lodsworth scored in excess of 200 runs and in two other games scored more than 300 runs.

But increasingly, having batted first and amassed a large score the village team were unable to capitalise on this and bowl the opposition out. Thus Arundel and Tillington were able to eke out a draw and Parham Park won in the last over even though Lodsworth had put 205 runs on the board. Put another way we could have won three more games if the bowlers had a little more success. Only skipper Andy Long has excelled with the ball this year although Paul Phillips turned in a particularly strong performance against Storrington.

We won mostly against genuine village Sunday XI’s and lost against teams with a strong League contingent in their line-up namely Loxwood, Goodwood, Storrington, West Chiltington and the Cricket Society. But it is good that the village team is playing better opposition for only in that way will we improve. We also have more ‘village people’ in the team with Rob Collins and Fergus Cruikshank playing regularly and cameo performances by Richard Gough, Finn Campbell, Tom Atkins and Gerry Keen. The tail-enders were occasionally called on to add a few runs and Bob Powell, Pete Long and on one occasion John King did this with alacrity.

Apart from the success on the field Paul Phillips is to be congratulated on the quality of the wicket at the Recreation Ground. Over the last five years it has improved enormously under Paul’s stewardship and is now as good as any we play on, including the grounds of League clubs that have full-time groundsmen. The facilities of the club include an excellent practice strip with artificial turf and nets and a newly acquired catching cradle. The sightscreens enhance the quality of the game and again are a bonus that most village teams cannot aspire to. All of this we could not have achieved without the generous help of our sponsors and vice presidents. The outfield is also much improved as a result of regular mowing organised by the Recreation Hall Committee.

And finally a big thankyou to John King our Chairman, Secretary and Fixture Secretary and to Jill King. It is probably true that cricket in Lodsworth would not have survived in the last decade without John’s enthusiasm for the game and Jill King organises a group of ladies (and occasionally gentlemen) including Zena Davies, Teggy Phillips, Vikki Braithwaite and Gillian Johnson who serve the finest cricket teas in Sussex.

I have an admission to make – your scribe and sometimes wicket keeper did not take a catch all season. Is this a record for a wicket keeper in any class of cricket? In mitigation he did stop numerous byes with various parts of his anatomy.

Bob Powell

AGM Minutes

7 members attended.  Apologies received from Andrew Wilson-Smith

Agenda Item 1 – Welcome by John King, the Chairman

2009 was a good season.  Results were encouraging and could have been even better had one or two narrow defeats/draws gone our way.  There were some definite plusses.  Particularly pleasing was the number of young players who played for the club and thanks are due to young Harry Dimond.  We hope to see them playing again this year.  Team spirit was also positive.  JK thanked Andy Long, the Captain, for his tireless efforts on and off the field; thanked Paul Phillips for his work in preparing the square and outfield; thanked Bob Powell for looking after the accounts and recorded the Club’s grateful thanks to the tea ladies for their support.  2010 looked to be another challenging season and, as ever, there was an urgent need for some new players.

Agenda Item 2 – Report on the 2009 Season by Andy Long

AL reported briefly on the Club’s playing results.  He had been encouraged by the availability of the young players and only in the first few weeks had there been difficulties in fielding full teams.

Agenda Item 3 – Report on 2009 Accounts by Bob Powell

BP presented the accounts.  The Club’s capital had gone down from £2,782 (2008 accounts) to £2,305 i.e. £477.  There were several reasons for this.  It was agreed:

  1. We needed to be tougher in getting players’ annual subs
  2. We should organise one or two fund raising events (see agenda item 14)

BP reported that, as with the previous year, the accounts were being audited by Niel Daubeny.  (Action – BP to clear with Niel the minor points raised by him)

The accounts were accepted unanimously by the members present.

Agenda Item 4 – Report on Grounds Matters by Paul Phillips

PP reported briefly and mentioned that, as ever, there was a paucity of volunteers to help with the grass cutting.  (Alan Thompson volunteered to help).  The AGM confirmed that PP should repair the sightscreen within a budget figure of £350 (Action PP).  PP also mentioned that the mower was probably reaching the end of its useful life and would need increasing maintenance.  JK suggested a notice in “Outlook” enquiring whether anyone in the village had a suitable mower which they were prepared to offer to the Club.  (Action JK).  It was also agreed that PP should arrange for the pitch to be rolled at a cost of £187.  (Action PP).

Agenda Item 5 – Election of Club Officiers for the 2010 Season

The following officers were elected:

Club President    George Bristow

Club Chairman    John King

Club Captain     Andy Long

Club Vice Captain    Paul Phillips

Honorary Secretary    John King

Honorary Fixture Secretary  John King

Honorary Treasurer    Bob Powell

Gounds Member    Paul Phillips

Club Rep on the Village Hall Comm. John King

Additional Committee Members  Andrew Wilson-Smith, John Clifford

Alan Thompson, James Hickey

Club Honorary Auditor It was agreed that Niel Daubeny should be asked to serve again (Action JK)

Agenda Item 6 – Club Playing Equipment

No new equipment is needed. (Action JK sort out equipment for the 2010 season).

Agenda Item 7 – Fixtures for the 2010 Season

The confirmed fixture list is attached to the minutes.  A new fixture has been arranged with Storrington.  In total 22 fixtures, 10 home games, 12 away games.

Agenda Item 8 – Preparation of Fixture Card

The target is to have the fixture cards ready for distribution by mid-April (Action JK)

Agenda Item 9 – Recruitment of New Players

All present were aware of the need to attract new players for the coming season.  JK mentioned that Easebourne CC were unlikely to play Sunday matches and there could be one or two of their players who might be interested in playing for Lodsworth (Action JK to follow up).

Agenda Item 10 – Club Vice-Presidents and Sponsors for 2010 Season

Vice Presidents: JK will write to existing VPs and will also contact possible new VPs.


  1. Andrew Wilson-Smith very kindly agreed to donate the match balls.  The meeting recorded its thanks.
  2. Alan Thompson also indicated that his company would be prepared to sponsor 15 -20 new club shirts with the company logo added to the Club logo. The meeting recorded its grateful thanks.  (Action JK to follow up with AT).

Agenda Item 11 – Practice Nets/Matches

Sunday 28th March  AL to organise the first nets.

Sunday 18th April   AL to organise a practice match.

Agenda Item 12 – Players Annual Subs and Match Fees for the 2010 Season

The AGM agreed to retain the 2009 rates for the coming season.

Agenda Item 13 – Lodsworth CC Website

Ally Rix had been contacted and would arrange for the website to be updated.

Agenda Item 14 – Fund Raising

  1. Village Quiz Night – Friday 19th February.  AL will organise a Club team to take part.
  2. Lodsworth Sports Clubs Bingo evening – Saturday 20th March.  The football, stoolball and cricket clubs were getting together for the first time to organise a bingo evening to raise funds for the Village Hall/Recreation Ground.  The AGM agreed to donate £40 towards cash prizes.  The football and stoolball clubs were contributing similar amounts.  AL agreed to be the caller for the evening and PP agreed to run the bar.
  3. Club Barbeque – James Hickey offered to organise a fund raising barbeque to be held after the June fixture with the Matt Hall XI.  (This fixture will now be held on Saturday 19th June).
  4. Home Matches Raffle – MH will organise these raffles starting with the first home fixture against Westbourne on Sunday 2nd May.  AL agreed to send out a Captain’s letter to all players before the start of the season.

Agenda Item 16 – Date of the Next Committee Meeting

The Committee will meet after the practise game on 18th April.

John King

Honorary Secretary

February 2010

Lodsworth Cricket Club AGM January 2010

In mid-January with the Recreation Ground still under several centimetres of snow and with more expected  it is strange to be thinking of the cricket season but things are stirring in the village.

On Friday 28th January the AGM of the club was held in the Hollist Arms.

The committee nominated last years popular skipper Andy Long for another season and Paul Phillips to act as his deputy. The full list of nominations was.
  • Captain Andy Long
  • Vice Captain Paul Phillips
  • Chairman, Secretary and Fixture Secretary John King
  • Treasurer Bob Powell
  • Grounds Member Paul Phillips
  • Representative on the Recreation Hall Committee John King
  • Committee Members James Hickey, Andy Wilson-Smith, Matt Hall, John Clifford (carrying on a Clifford family tradition)
George Bristow graciously agreed to carry on as President of Lodsworth Cricket Club.

The AGM recorded its thanks to the Sponsors and Vice Presidents of the club who have continued their support in difficult economic times.

Looking ahead, John King has already arranged 22 fixtures for the 2010 season; 11 are home fixtures and 11 away. Easebourne have dropped off the list to be replaced by Westbourne and a new fixture against Storrington

As ever the club is keen to attract talented players – young and old. In 2009 Richard Gough brought his sublime batting skills to the team on a couple of occasions while Jack, Harry and Charlie Dimond all turned out for the village team and recruited their friends Nick Bellion, Alfie Bunker and Josh Cowell.

Graham Braithwaite raced home from university on half a dozen occasions to play for the village and Jonno Thompson also made an appearance while Andy Wilson-Smith introduced Ben and Elliott to the joys of village cricket.  For the stalwarts of the club it was a real pleasure to see the traditions of village cricket being carried on by a younger generation.

Lodsworth Annual Dinner and Awards

On Saturday 28th November the Lodsworth Cricket Club gathered at the Hollist Arms for their annual dinner and awards ceremony.

Once again George and Juliet created a celebratory atmosphere with a log fire and candles and 26 club members and partners took their places at a long table. LCC Chairman John King was in fine form and a well crafted speech by skipper Andy Long kept the party moving.

The awards went to the following players:

  1. Andy Long 121.3 overs  298 runs 33 wkts  Average 9.03
  2. Martin Howard 38 overs 144 runs  7 wktsAvr 20.57
  3. Graham Braithwaite 39 overs 198 runs 9 wktsAvr 22.00
  4. Paul Phillips 146.3 overs 466 runs 20 wktsAvr 23.30

  1. Andy Long 17 catches
  2. James Hickey 13 catches and 2 stumpings
  3. G Braithwaite 6 catches

Andy Long’s field placing paid off here as the skipper always seemed to be well positioned for any lofted balls! Meanwhile James Hickey elbowed Bob Powell aside and (almost) made the wicket keeper’s place his own.

  1. G Braithwaite 10 innings, 1 not out, 353 runs, Avr 39.22, Highest score 81
  2. Matt Hall 17 innings, 1 not out, 428 runs, Avr 35.66, Highest score 82
  3. Harry Dimond 12 innings, 1not out, 338 runs, Avr 30.72, Highest score 71

Matt Hall might have won the batting award but for Bob Powell wrongly giving him out caught behind at Walberton! But good to see two young players from the village in the top three. James Hickey scored 246 runs in the season. Ollie King 214 runs in the season.

All our batsmen improved on their last season’s totals and made up for the loss of Jon Houghton (on World tour), Rod Taylor(posted to Muscat) and Alfie De Souza(returned to India).

Biggest improvement was Matt Hall who took the trophy for the overall best Player of the Year with a total of 428 runs.

The trophy for Young Player of the Year went to Harry Dimond who is a batsman of exceptional talent.

The Duck Trophy was shared by Paul Phillips and James Hickey who both had three ducks.

Finally the trophy for ‘Clubman‘ of the Year – the person who has done most for the cricket club in 2009 went to Jill King. It was a well deserved acknowledgement of the huge amount of work Jill puts into organising the acclaimed “Lodsworth teas” assisted by Teggy Phillips, Zena Davies, Vicki Braithwaite and Gillian Johnson.

The Cricket Club is now involved in the Midhurst Indoor Cricket winter competition and anyone who would like to take part is invited to call John King at 01798 861728.