Lodsworth Annual Dinner and Awards

On Saturday 28th November the Lodsworth Cricket Club gathered at the Hollist Arms for their annual dinner and awards ceremony.

Once again George and Juliet created a celebratory atmosphere with a log fire and candles and 26 club members and partners took their places at a long table. LCC Chairman John King was in fine form and a well crafted speech by skipper Andy Long kept the party moving.

The awards went to the following players:

  1. Andy Long 121.3 overs  298 runs 33 wkts  Average 9.03
  2. Martin Howard 38 overs 144 runs  7 wktsAvr 20.57
  3. Graham Braithwaite 39 overs 198 runs 9 wktsAvr 22.00
  4. Paul Phillips 146.3 overs 466 runs 20 wktsAvr 23.30

  1. Andy Long 17 catches
  2. James Hickey 13 catches and 2 stumpings
  3. G Braithwaite 6 catches

Andy Long’s field placing paid off here as the skipper always seemed to be well positioned for any lofted balls! Meanwhile James Hickey elbowed Bob Powell aside and (almost) made the wicket keeper’s place his own.

  1. G Braithwaite 10 innings, 1 not out, 353 runs, Avr 39.22, Highest score 81
  2. Matt Hall 17 innings, 1 not out, 428 runs, Avr 35.66, Highest score 82
  3. Harry Dimond 12 innings, 1not out, 338 runs, Avr 30.72, Highest score 71

Matt Hall might have won the batting award but for Bob Powell wrongly giving him out caught behind at Walberton! But good to see two young players from the village in the top three. James Hickey scored 246 runs in the season. Ollie King 214 runs in the season.

All our batsmen improved on their last season’s totals and made up for the loss of Jon Houghton (on World tour), Rod Taylor(posted to Muscat) and Alfie De Souza(returned to India).

Biggest improvement was Matt Hall who took the trophy for the overall best Player of the Year with a total of 428 runs.

The trophy for Young Player of the Year went to Harry Dimond who is a batsman of exceptional talent.

The Duck Trophy was shared by Paul Phillips and James Hickey who both had three ducks.

Finally the trophy for ‘Clubman‘ of the Year – the person who has done most for the cricket club in 2009 went to Jill King. It was a well deserved acknowledgement of the huge amount of work Jill puts into organising the acclaimed “Lodsworth teas” assisted by Teggy Phillips, Zena Davies, Vicki Braithwaite and Gillian Johnson.

The Cricket Club is now involved in the Midhurst Indoor Cricket winter competition and anyone who would like to take part is invited to call John King at 01798 861728.

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