Lodsworth CC Tour 2019

This page covers general information about the 2019 cricket tour to Barcelona with matches on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th October against Barcelona International Cricket Club.

Currently – BCN International are confirmed for the Saturday and provisional for the Sunday.- this is due to a ground booking issue which should be resolved – we are waiting for their fixture secretary to get back to me for the Sunday match.

Accommodation is provisionally booked for 11 people with the option for a few more… Its adequate, relatively cheap, very central and close to tourist area, not luxurious but gives us a lot of flexibility with regards to eating and drinking arrangements.

Travelling around Barcelona is really easy with great public transport (underground, bus, train, bikes for hire). Getting from the airport into the centre is a doddle. Eating and drinking – lots of options. Sites and things to do – whatever floats your boat – history, art, culture, or more salubrious activities if desired…

People will need to book their own flights – currently very cheap so it would be good if we can sort out who’s going (impacts accommodation) and when.

Questions – please feed back in the comments below….

1. If we can’t play the Sunday what do we want to do? Still go and play 1 match? Alternatives – Visit Nou Camp for a tour? Last time we toured we were all pretty bushed on the Sunday (something to do with over exuberant celebrations the night before perhaps?).

2. What days do people want to arrive and leave? This has an impact on accommodation arrangements and costs so we need feedback.


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