AGM Minutes

7 members attended.  Apologies received from Andrew Wilson-Smith

Agenda Item 1 – Welcome by John King, the Chairman

2009 was a good season.  Results were encouraging and could have been even better had one or two narrow defeats/draws gone our way.  There were some definite plusses.  Particularly pleasing was the number of young players who played for the club and thanks are due to young Harry Dimond.  We hope to see them playing again this year.  Team spirit was also positive.  JK thanked Andy Long, the Captain, for his tireless efforts on and off the field; thanked Paul Phillips for his work in preparing the square and outfield; thanked Bob Powell for looking after the accounts and recorded the Club’s grateful thanks to the tea ladies for their support.  2010 looked to be another challenging season and, as ever, there was an urgent need for some new players.

Agenda Item 2 – Report on the 2009 Season by Andy Long

AL reported briefly on the Club’s playing results.  He had been encouraged by the availability of the young players and only in the first few weeks had there been difficulties in fielding full teams.

Agenda Item 3 – Report on 2009 Accounts by Bob Powell

BP presented the accounts.  The Club’s capital had gone down from £2,782 (2008 accounts) to £2,305 i.e. £477.  There were several reasons for this.  It was agreed:

  1. We needed to be tougher in getting players’ annual subs
  2. We should organise one or two fund raising events (see agenda item 14)

BP reported that, as with the previous year, the accounts were being audited by Niel Daubeny.  (Action – BP to clear with Niel the minor points raised by him)

The accounts were accepted unanimously by the members present.

Agenda Item 4 – Report on Grounds Matters by Paul Phillips

PP reported briefly and mentioned that, as ever, there was a paucity of volunteers to help with the grass cutting.  (Alan Thompson volunteered to help).  The AGM confirmed that PP should repair the sightscreen within a budget figure of £350 (Action PP).  PP also mentioned that the mower was probably reaching the end of its useful life and would need increasing maintenance.  JK suggested a notice in “Outlook” enquiring whether anyone in the village had a suitable mower which they were prepared to offer to the Club.  (Action JK).  It was also agreed that PP should arrange for the pitch to be rolled at a cost of £187.  (Action PP).

Agenda Item 5 – Election of Club Officiers for the 2010 Season

The following officers were elected:

Club President    George Bristow

Club Chairman    John King

Club Captain     Andy Long

Club Vice Captain    Paul Phillips

Honorary Secretary    John King

Honorary Fixture Secretary  John King

Honorary Treasurer    Bob Powell

Gounds Member    Paul Phillips

Club Rep on the Village Hall Comm. John King

Additional Committee Members  Andrew Wilson-Smith, John Clifford

Alan Thompson, James Hickey

Club Honorary Auditor It was agreed that Niel Daubeny should be asked to serve again (Action JK)

Agenda Item 6 – Club Playing Equipment

No new equipment is needed. (Action JK sort out equipment for the 2010 season).

Agenda Item 7 – Fixtures for the 2010 Season

The confirmed fixture list is attached to the minutes.  A new fixture has been arranged with Storrington.  In total 22 fixtures, 10 home games, 12 away games.

Agenda Item 8 – Preparation of Fixture Card

The target is to have the fixture cards ready for distribution by mid-April (Action JK)

Agenda Item 9 – Recruitment of New Players

All present were aware of the need to attract new players for the coming season.  JK mentioned that Easebourne CC were unlikely to play Sunday matches and there could be one or two of their players who might be interested in playing for Lodsworth (Action JK to follow up).

Agenda Item 10 – Club Vice-Presidents and Sponsors for 2010 Season

Vice Presidents: JK will write to existing VPs and will also contact possible new VPs.


  1. Andrew Wilson-Smith very kindly agreed to donate the match balls.  The meeting recorded its thanks.
  2. Alan Thompson also indicated that his company would be prepared to sponsor 15 -20 new club shirts with the company logo added to the Club logo. The meeting recorded its grateful thanks.  (Action JK to follow up with AT).

Agenda Item 11 – Practice Nets/Matches

Sunday 28th March  AL to organise the first nets.

Sunday 18th April   AL to organise a practice match.

Agenda Item 12 – Players Annual Subs and Match Fees for the 2010 Season

The AGM agreed to retain the 2009 rates for the coming season.

Agenda Item 13 – Lodsworth CC Website

Ally Rix had been contacted and would arrange for the website to be updated.

Agenda Item 14 – Fund Raising

  1. Village Quiz Night – Friday 19th February.  AL will organise a Club team to take part.
  2. Lodsworth Sports Clubs Bingo evening – Saturday 20th March.  The football, stoolball and cricket clubs were getting together for the first time to organise a bingo evening to raise funds for the Village Hall/Recreation Ground.  The AGM agreed to donate £40 towards cash prizes.  The football and stoolball clubs were contributing similar amounts.  AL agreed to be the caller for the evening and PP agreed to run the bar.
  3. Club Barbeque – James Hickey offered to organise a fund raising barbeque to be held after the June fixture with the Matt Hall XI.  (This fixture will now be held on Saturday 19th June).
  4. Home Matches Raffle – MH will organise these raffles starting with the first home fixture against Westbourne on Sunday 2nd May.  AL agreed to send out a Captain’s letter to all players before the start of the season.

Agenda Item 16 – Date of the Next Committee Meeting

The Committee will meet after the practise game on 18th April.

John King

Honorary Secretary

February 2010

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