Match Report – Lodsworth CC v Graffham CC

5th June 2005 at Lodsworth

Lodsworth CC 77 all out. (Matt Hall 19, James Hickey 18, Jon Houghton17: Q Murray 12 overs 6 for 15, M Quinnell 9 overs 2 for 32, M Dally 3.5 overs 2 for 20).

Graffham CC 78 for 5 ( A Smith 61; Matt Hall 5 overs 2 for 19, Martin Howard 2.2 overs 2 for 6)

Lodsworth went into this game with a batting line up that on paper was its strongest of the season. But any complacency was soon shattered by a Graffham attack that, aided by a lively wicket and some incredible catches, quickly had the Lodsworth team in disarray.

The major damage was inflicted by Q Murray with 12 overs 6 for 15.

All out for 77 runs Lodsworth drew on all their bowling skills but to no avail and Graffham knocked off the total for the loss of 5 wickets by the tea interval. Graffham’s Zimbawean batsman A Smith contributed 61. What is to be learned from the debacle? Firstly Lodsworth have to learn to be patient. We fell into an old habit of trying to hit out at very good bowling when the required approach was to dig in and wear down the opposition with tenacity.

That said the game was played in a good spirit with none of the acrimony that accompanied the previous years encounter. Village cricket has changed dramatically of late. Witness the fact that the Lodsworth team contained two of their three South African born players while Graffham had two Zimbabwe born players. It was noted, with a little humour that we will soon have to put a limit on our quota of overseas players!

Bob Powell

Lodsworth CC

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