Lodsworth generous in defeat!!

Lodsworth v Tillington
9th July

England crash out on penalties in Germany through their inability to cope with the pressure against the weaker side. Sport can be cruel and people only look at results. Although Lodsworth looked to dominate against the weaker opposition in Tillington some generous bowling in the second half of the Tillington innings made sure of a victory for David over Goliath. The visitors clawed their way back from 52-5 to win with 3 wickets to spare. Lodsworth were left with egg on their sunburnt faces.

Lodsworth set a target of 148. An aggressive 68 from opener Graham Braithwaite was the story of the lodsworth innings(the presence of young love on the sidelines made sure that Braithawaite was out to impress others rather than his team mates).The rest of the Lodsworth batting stars failed to get going – the team slipped from a strong position at 104-3 to 148 All Out. Lord Lucan would have been proud the way the rest of the batsman had gone missing on this track.

Lodsworth cut through Tillington at ease with a good opening spell from Paul Phillips with figures of 10 overs 3 for 30 and Mat Hall figures of 8 overs 3 for 33. However a change of the bowling attack proved disastorous and the Tillington lower order took apart some poor bowling with M Hill scoring 42 and D Francis scoring 19 off 5 balls at the death to rub salt into the gaping wound.

A valuable lesson for Lodswoth. It seems complacency got the better of Lodsworth in a game they should have dominated, but then again it is only a game!!

Ollie King
Wicket Keeper

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