The Lodsworth Six-a-Side Tournament

Saturday 29th July at Lodsworth

The Lodsworth Six-a-Side Tournament on Saturday 29th July was a huge success and most players in the Lodsworth Squad played for one, and in some cases two, of the teams in the tournament. Matt Hall, Ollie King, Kyle Chadwick, Graham Braithwaite, Ben Randall and Martin Howard turned out for the Lodsworth Six, with James Hickey, Alistair Rix and Sean Chivers in the Lickfold team. Bob Powell donned the gloves for the Singapore Cricket VI while Edward Gore-Browne, Chris Scott, Russell Mayne, Nick Broom and Giles Pearman strutted their stuff with the Holist Arms or the No-Hopers. Add Matts cousin Lee and that adds up to 16 current players who were actively engaged on the day, which is something of a record.

Thanks to John King and Tim Johnson for effectively organising the programme, to Tim and Gillian for scoring, to Jill King, Victoria Braithwaite and Zena Davies for providing the teas, to Paul Phillips and Paul Lawson for preparing the wicket and to James Hickey for the excellent barbecue and band in the evening and to a host of volunteer umpires including President Don Ford.

The winner of the tournament were the Singapore Cricket Club with the Lickfold Arms worthy runners up. (Ed: Unknown to many, SCC were spurred on by the fact that if they didn’t win they’d have to admit they’ve lost the coveted tropy which was in their possession!)

Nick Holloway (45av) (Lickfold Arms) won the award for best batsman of the day and (wait for it) Al Rix took the most wickets (6 for 34) winning the Best Bowler Award. (Note: Al took a random blood test after the game and there was found to be an excess of alcohol in his A sample. The results of his B sample are awaited before this last award can be confirmed! Al of course denied knowingly to have drunk any beer during the tournament and said his lemonade must have been spiked!) (Ed: This is of course completely subjective by Bob who probably still can’t believe I can bowl in a straight line…)

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