Dimond Cutting Edge

Lodsworth CC v Goodwood CC at Lodsworth 28th June 2009

Goodwood CC 205 for 5 off 40 overs (M Geffin 43, J Miles 34; N Dellion 6 overs 2 wickets for 24, Dave Clarke 9 overs 2 for 33)

Lodsworth CC 180 for 8 off 39 overs (Harry Dimond 63, Dave Clarke 43, James Hickey 17, Andrew Wilson-Smith 16; Smith 14 overs 3 for 59, Wilma 8 overs 3 for 36)

Match drawn.

Goodwood are one of several new fixtures on the Lodsworth calendar and represent the higher standard cricket to which the village team now aspires.

Put into bat by skipper-of-the-day Paul Phillips, the Goodwood openers painstakingly constructed a platform for the middle order. M Geffin (43) and J Miles (34) were the mainstay of the visitors efforts. Harry Dimond, Paul Phillips and Matt Hall were unable to shift them but the introduction of Dave Clark and Nick Dellion put a dent in the batting line up while Bob Powell and Jon Clifford held catches. The visitors finished with 205 for 5, a score that a few seasons ago would have seemed unattainable by Lodsworth … but no longer, and after tea the chase was on…

Andrew Wilson-Smith and James Hickey opened for Lodsworth to an intimidating field with two slips, a gully, silly mid-on and a silly mid-off. Both Andrew (16) and James (17) set off at a good pace and clubbed a number of fours to the boundary (17 off the opening over) but eventually Hickey popped up a catch to silly mid-on and one over later his replacement Johan Fourie fell into the same trap.

Harry Dimond (63) and Dave Clarke (43) then came together to restore some equilibrium to the Lodsworth batting. Harry’s languid upright style with a full repertoire of effortless drives and deft deflections (a reminder of the young Michael Vaughan) was in sharp contrast to Dave’s fiercely combative style.

Lodsworth were never far off the run rate and eventually finished at 180 for 8 off 39 overs with Jon Clifford and Elliott Wilson-Smith at the crease, by which time the slightly worried Goodwood skipper had six men on the boundary.

The game, played in an exceptionally fine spirit ended in a draw with neither side able to administer the knockout punch, but both were able to take some satisfaction from the result.

Man of the match Harry Dimond

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