A bright start to the season

A bright start to the season

Lodsworth CC v Kirdford CC
May 20th2012 at Lodsworth
Lodsworth CC 151 for 8 (Paul Phillips 31, Jack Dimond 34, Oliver King 15, Andy Long 28; Reynolds 13 overs 4 for 42, John Upton 8 overs 2 for 28)
Kirdford CC 83 all out (Plank 27, Hardy 16; Paul Phillips 5.2 overs 3 for 6, Matt Hall 11 overs 3 for 28, Andy Long 9 overs 3 for 40)
Lodsworth won
Three weeks of heavy rain saw the countryside transformed. The fields and hedgerows were suddenly resplendent in various tints of emerald, lime and bottle green and rapeseed burst into bloom in phsycadelic lemon yellow – a reminder of the changing seasons in David Hockney’s ’A Bigger Picture’ exhibition at the Royal Academy. The outfield at the Recreation Ground too had a lush carpet of newly mown grass – and bright sunshine created the perfect setting for the first game of the season, long delayed by April storms. Double-dip recession, Eurozone crisis, and even Chelsea’s Champion’s League victory all faded into insignificance, as the cricket season finally got under way. 
Lodsworth batted first and in spite of a rusty start gradually built up a decent total, closing on 151 for 8 after two and a half hours. Jack Dimond, Oliver King and Andy Long and Paul Phillips all contributed while the best of the visitor’s bowlers were Reynolds and Upton.
Tea was a veritable feast supplied by Jill King and Zena Davies.
After tea Kirdford started confidently but wickets fell regularly and the visitors were all out for 83 with top scorers Plank (27) and Hardy (16). The nine wickets were shared equally by Paul Phillips (3 for 6), Matt Hall (3 for 28), and Andy Long (3 for 45). Lodsworth’s fielding was outstanding with difficult catches taken by wicketkeeper Lee Ayres (2), Jack Dimond, Pete Long, Paul Phillips and Oliver King.
Although the sky clouded over in mid afternoon nothing could dampen the spirits of the Lodsworth team as they swept to their first victory of the 2012 season.

Thanks to Martin Dimond for sponsorship of the game and it was good to see a sprinkling of spectators.

Man of the match Paul Phillips

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