Goodwood CC v Lodsworth CC
At Goodwood
Goodwood CC 151 all out (M Geffen 36, M Beard 31, D Clarke 4 for 34)
Lodsworth CC 109 all out (J Hickey 40, M Hall 36, Y Yoda 4 for 14)
Goodwood CC win.
On the same day as the Goodwood Revival, Lodsworth were visitors to Goodwood CC. Lodsworth won the toss and decided to bowl. Dave Clarke along with Andy Long were the opening bowling attack, with Clarke getting amazing swing from his end causing problems for the batsmen. Geffen (36) took a liking to Long’s bowling quickly scoring to all parts of the boundary. He was dismissed after one too many tries to Matt Hall and caught by Long. Dave Clarke (4 for 34) at the other end continued to bowl with accuracy for his best figures of the season. Lodsworth continued to apply the pressure and James Hickey managed an impressive 5 catches whilst wicket keeping. Goodwood finished on 151 all out.
Afteran amazingair displayduring thetea break,consisting ofa LancasterBomber anda coupleofHurricanes,the Lodsworthbatsmen tookto thecrease. DaveClarke, PaulPhillips,FergusCruickshankand WillSalamanofferedlittleresistanceresulting in19 runsfor 4wickets.James Hickey(40) andMatt Hall(36) stemmedthe flowof wicketsand startedto builda platform.After apartnershipof 85,Hall wasbowled byYoda andHickeyfollowed inthe followingover. AndyLong (11)hit acouple ofboundariesbefore beingbowledand Lodsworthwere allout for109.
Man of the Match: James Hickey 

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