Match Abandoned

Lodsworth CC v Matt Hall XI
Sunday 8th September at Lodsworth
The long hot summer came to an end and autumn was ushered in. Dark ominous clouds on the horizon did not bode well but the game got under way at 1.30pm and 12 overs were completed before the players raced to the pavilion in torrential rain. Fifteen minutes later the sky cleared and a second attempt was made but at 20 overs another heavy downpour saw the two skippers opt for an early tea brilliantly organised at short notice by Teggy Phillips.
As the rain continued, to Matt Hall’s XI dismay, his team appeared to loose heart and individuals gradually slunk away until by 3.30 pm half the visiting team had gone AWOL and the game was abandoned. The player who suffered most by this decision was Ed Marland who had scored his first half century of the season only to see it erased from the statistics.
But by 4.00 pm the skies had cleared and the 16 individuals who remained enjoyed a hugely enjoyable knock-out tournament – won by Richard Gough and Paul Phillips. The last ‘home game’ of the season concluded at 6.30 pm with a marvelous barbeque courtesy of Paul Philips, Matt Hall, Rob Collins and Dave Clark. Miraculously, families and supporters appeared as the aroma of grilled burgers and kebabs drifted across the field. Beer and wine was consumed amid an atmosphere of end-of-season joviality.
Man of the (abandoned) match Ed Marland
Scribe Bob Powell

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