LCC vs Graffham

LCC V. Graffham

29th June @ home.

Sussex Rules.

Graffham 47all out; Lodsworth 48 for 4. Lodsworth Won

The application of a heavy roller, mainly steered by Finn Campbell, helped improve the strip for the Graffham game. Graffham were first to bat but Dave Clarke (24 for 3 from 10) meant only their skipper Leon Fourie (19) could course us any bother. With James Main (6 for 3 from 4) tidying up the tail the visitors could only managed 47 runs.

Lest we arrive at the pub before tea we juggled the order a bit, but Finn (23 n/o) finished the job. Not a fine game of cricket but a very friendly and enjoyable afternoon and good to see a few youngsters playing.

MOTM James Main.