Lose some – Win Some

Lodsworth CC v Arundel Castle Estate CC at Lodsworth

Arundel Castle Estate CC 104 all out (C Ashworth 41, C Budd 14; Martin Howard 5 overs 3 for 9, Andy Long 10 overs 2 for 16, Matt Hall 7 overs 2 for 22)

Lodsworth CC 106 for none (Alfred de Souza 85 not out, Ollie King 19 not out)

Lodsworth won

After two disappointing losses Lodsworth bounced back with a vengeance and severely trounced a respectable Arundel Castle Estate CC. Put in to bat, with the exception of C Ashworth (41) the Arundel XI were pinned down by some accurate bowling from Andy Long (10.2 overs 2 for 16) and Matt Hall (7 overs 2 for 22) before Martin Howard tore apart the visitors middle order with 5 overs 3 for 9.

There were six brilliant catches from Alfred de Souza (2), Ben Randell, Martin Howard, Andy Long and Matt Hall, and a great run out by James Hickey as the visitors struggled to 104 all out.

Lodsworth replied with a devastating innings by Alfred de Souza of 85 not out, (including seven 4’s and five 6’s), while Ollie King won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor with 19 not out. The winning total of 106 was achieved in just 15 overs. This was the first ten-wicket victory by a Lodsworth team for several years and all the more satisfying as we have been on the receiving end of some big hitters in recent games.

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