Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

Sunday 26th August 2007

Walberton CC v Lodsworth CC at Walberton

Walberton CC 99 all out (P Harbird 53: Matt Hall 4 overs 3 for 19, Vipol 3 overs 3 for 13, Vikram 5 overs 2 for 10))

Lodsworth CC 90 all out (James Hickey 23 Andy Long 13, Vikram 13 not out; N Jackson 11 overs 3 for 51, R Lockwood 9 overs 4 for 7, L Venter 8.1 overs 3 for 17)

Lodsworth lost by 9 runs

Why the heck do we play this beautiful but utterly frustrating game?

Lodsworth performed brilliantly when fielding, restricting Walberton to 99 all out. The bowling was accurate with Andy Long (7 overs 1 for 26), Matt Hall (4 overs 3 for 19), Vipol (3 overs 3 for 13) and Vikram (3 overs 2 for 10) keeping the Walberton batsmen on a tight rein. Superb catches by Jon Houghton (3) fielding close in, Andy Long, Matt Hall and Paul Phillips kept the pressure on and only opener P Harbird (53) was able to make headway. Even Bob Powell got in on the act with a lightning stumping (his description). A great team effort.

Then Lodsworth batted and contrived to loose a match they should have won easily. James Hickey (35) hung around for a decent period but all the other top order batsmen – Alfred de Souza, Jon Houghton, Ollie King, John Clifford and Rod Taylor – trooped back to the pavilion like lemmings heading for a cliff. The middle order fared little better against the bowling of R Lockwood (overs 4 for 7) and L Venter (8 overs 3 for 17). It was left to the tail enders Matt Hall, Andy Long (13) and Vikram (13 not out) to muster some resistance and it briefly looked as if Lodsworth might pull off a late coup. But no – a dubious LBW decision left the victors looking slightly embarrassed and Lodsworth 9 runs short.

Anyway – that’s cricket and all will be back next week.

Bob Powell

Vice Captain

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