Highs and Lows, Ifs and Buts

Lodsworth CC v Goodwood CC
27th June at Lodsworth
Lodsworth lost

Lodsworth CC 102 all out (Jon Clifford 30, Paul Phillips 26)
Goodwood CC 103 for 6 (Andy Long 7 overs, 3 for 33)

Lodsworth were put in to bat in a 35-over game, arranged around an extended tea break to watch the England v Germany soccer World Cup quarterfinal. Goodwod are a successful League team and arguably the best opposition that Lodsworth encounter all year. The village team did not start well – Martin Howard was out LBW for 0, Alistair Rix was caught off his glove for 4 and Matt Hall smashed one down Mid-On’s throat for 8. Lodsworth then saw James Hickey clean bowled for 9 and Andy Long skied one to Mid-Off, also for 1. Oh dear – 30 for 5. But then came Jon Clifford with 30 and Paul Phillips with 26 to steady the ship. With cameos at the end from Fergus Cruikshank and Rob Collins Lodsworth ended with an adequate but probably insufficient total of 102 all out.

After an excellent tea, marred only by the highs and lows of the 4-1 drubbing of the England footballers by the Kaiser’s men, Lodsworth went out to field. Paul Phillips started brightly but had no luck (he maintains eight chances were put down) while Andy Long, bowling up the slope looked dangerous. Indeed Long took the opener’s off stump and a brilliant bit of fielding by young Banks left Goodwood on 20 for 2 and there was a glimmer of hope. Long then took two more wickets followed by a great run out by Matt Hall from the deep and the visitors were in trouble at 45 for 5.

Could Lodsworth perform a giant killing akin to the Slovakia win over Italy in South Africa. Eh…in a word … No. Poor fielding, dropped catches and general sloppiness allowed Goodwood to reach the target with 14 overs to spare. So it was a case of  “nearly but not quite enough”. If we had got 150 runs! If we had taken those catches Jim! If Jon Clifford hadn’t gifted then 15 runs! If we had a stronger team out! Ah well – it wasn’t a total debacle. Special thanks to two new youngsters in the team Alex Brazier and Christian Campbell.

Man of the Match – Difficult to pick one… shared by Paul Phillips, John Clifford and Andy Long.
Scribe Andy Long

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